• A fully-serverless application built with Node.js and AWS

  • Monitor all of your team's deployment environments in real time

  • Trigger automatic deployments by pushing to GitHub

  • Test, promote, rollback, teardown, inject environment variables, and more

Trellis is an open-source, low-configuration CICD deployment pipeline for teams who develop serverless applications. It was built for developers who want full control over their deployment pipeline infrastructure, but without having to provision and manage that infrastructure themselves.

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Other Projects

Request8in: An application for monitoring webhooks


A Node.js application built with Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL that allows users to consume, test, and monitor webhooks. Hosted on a virtual private server running Nginx.

AirRoutes: A dynamic airline route application


A Node.js application built with React that dynamically renders SVG airline routes as users filter API data by airport or airline.

Howdy: A P@P video chat application


A P2P video chat application built with vanilla JavaScript, WebRTC (PeerJS), and WebSocket (Socket.io).